Uses for Tortillas New York City

A tortilla is a thin piece of unleavened flat bread that is one of the basic staples of Mexican cuisine. They can be used to make mexican dishes like chalupas, enchiladas, tacos, sandwich wraps or taquitos. Tortillas are available in many different varieties, sizes and flavors. The two main types of tortillas are made from either corn or flour. Soft Tacos Tortillas are often used as the shell for tacos, making the shell soft and...

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Fresh Bread Chicago: Getting a Dose of your Daily Bread

Fresh bread in the morning can surely offer you a good day ahead. With a cup of hot chocolate, your day has definitely begun. We often go for a morning ride to drink hot beverages at bakeshops. Some people might even drop by to buy oven-fresh treats for their children right after jogging. With a tradition of eating bread, Americans have come to realize that eating bread deters cholesterol intake and the good thing is there are some of...

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