What to Look for When You Buy an Ice Block in Suffolk County, NY

by | May 9, 2013 | Food and Drink

Buying a block of ice isn’t something most people do very often. In fact, many people likely don’t even think about something like this until the day finally comes that they need to obtain it. When that happens, the question of where to get such a thing looms large.

Fortunately, there are actually companies that specialize in providing ice in all sizes rather than just cubes. These firms are where ice sculptors, caterers, and other such people get the large blocks of ice they need. This makes it easy for you to get a block of ice if you find yourself needing to keep ice cream frozen, chill a large cooler without electricity, keep food cold outdoors, or sculpt a design into solid ice.

Since ice melts easily, you will need to look for a local supplier. For example, an Ice Block Suffolk County NY can be obtained from Long Island Ice and Fuel, which is located right in the area. Buying locally ensures that your ice will not be a pool of water when the truck arrives at your location.

Buying ice from a certified provider ensures that it will be safe for food usage. You should always look for a supplier that has been inspected by the National Sanitation Foundation, and it’s even better if they’re part of the International Packaged Ice Association as well. These groups understand that ice is often added to drinks or foods and therefore should be held to the same high standards as anything else that is routinely ingested.

Even though it is less likely for an Ice Block Suffolk County NY to be eaten than it is for the same quantity of cubes to end up in people’s stomachs, it is still important that the ice be at food grade standards. This is because it still may come into contact with food. Kids may even lick it if they have a chance to, just because it would be a fun thing to do.

Ice blocks come in a variety of appearances. You can get cloudy ice for general storage needs, or buy a block that is crystal clear for use in sculpting or other public displays. Either way, a good ice supplier in Suffolk County, NY will give you nice, clean ice that you can be comfortable using in direct contact with your food.

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