How Much Ice do You Need for Your Suffolk County NY Party?

If you are planning a party using bagged ice cubes in Suffolk County, NY, then you will generally need 1.5 pounds per person attending. The type of party, however, makes a massive difference in the amount of ice that you will need. If you are chilling drinks only at a party, then you need one pound of ice per person. Depending on the type of event, you may need even more. Figure on using two pounds of ice for chilling for a barbecue...

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Ordering an Ice Luge in Long Island, NY That Celebrates Iceberg Alley

People seeing images of the icebergs floating past Newfoundland in mid-spring may be reminded that they want to host a party with a big ice luge in Long Island, NY this year. Now they might have the idea of ordering a luge shaped like one of the icebergs photographed and shown online in May. About Ice Luges An ice luge in Long Island, NY is a block or sculpture made of ice that includes at least one channel into which liquor can be...

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