Ordering an Ice Luge in Long Island, NY That Celebrates Iceberg Alley


People seeing images of the icebergs floating past Newfoundland in mid-spring may be reminded that they want to host a party with a big ice luge in Long Island, NY this year. Now they might have the idea of ordering a luge shaped like one of the icebergs photographed and shown online in May.

About Ice Luges

An ice luge in Long Island, NY is a block or sculpture made of ice that includes at least one channel into which liquor can be poured. It’s a fun way for party guests to fill shot glasses or other types of glassware, depending on the beverage flowing through the ice. A creative person might come up with a design for a luge that looks like an iceberg. Some props could be added, such as a toy ship and a lighthouse that indicate how enormous the iceberg is.

Iceberg Alley

Tourists head to Labrador and Newfoundland on the eastern coast of Canada to view the icebergs coming from the north after breaking away from glaciers. The iceberg season generally lasts through part of the summer, sometimes as long as mid-July. It’s impossible to predict how impressive each season will be. Tourists hope to see icebergs more than 100 ft. tall, some as bright as the purest snow and others a lovely shade of aquamarine. The area has become known as Iceberg Alley.

The huge blocks of ice appearing on the eastern coast of Canada are at least 10,000 years old. Some brands of bottled water are made from melted glacial ice, and those brands boast the ancient purity of their product. People shopping for an ice luge generally aren’t that particular. The luge is desired primarily to make the liquid cold without adding too much water and display an intriguing and unusual feature at the event.

Luge Designs

An ice luge supplier such as Business Name can create different designs that customers ask for and may be willing to add a little color if they want a light blue iceberg. The ice can float on a small sea of cold water or on an imitation ocean.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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