The Role of a Washington DC Interior Decorator


There are many different reasons why homeowners in the Washington D.C. area choose to hire interior designers. It is common for people who hire an interior decorator for the first time to assume that the role of the professional is to primarily create a precise look to the home. However, that is only one of the roles of the interior decorator. Professional, experienced interior designers can work throughout the home renovation and design or redesign the project or work with your architect and builder for your new home planning and construction.

Understanding the Vision

A very important aspect of the interior designer’s work is understanding your ideas and your vision for your living space. They can then translate those ideas into the interior of your home.

During this process, the designer or decorator adds to the basics of your vision, rounding out and finishing off the details of the big picture you provide. This creates a unique and completely original space that is perfect for your lifestyle and your preferences.

Adding to Functional Space

The interior decorator will also make sure that the space is functional. This can include designing clever storage spaces for a smaller home, condo or apartment, or developing a kitchen that is not only stylish but also practical for a busy household.

During home construction and renovations, the decorator is an essential part of the team, being able to supply ideas and options to enhance the functionality and the practical aspect of the room or space while also adding to the final appearance.

In addition to creating the vision, planning and developing functionality and a unique living space, the designer also adds the ideal finishing touches to your Washington D.C. home. From the perfect pop of color to the right piece of art, these professionals can play many roles in any renovation or construction project.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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