The Future of Cold Storage is in Forecasted Market Centered in California


There is a built-in fascination when walking the refrigerated section of the grocer. Dazzled by packaging, you cannot help but salivate as the look of fresh lingers in the back of the throat. The secret of remaining green is a matter of maintaining temperatures to contain the quality of the product. Keeping fresh from the field, until reaching the home kitchen, is the main goal that cold storage in California serves.

Current Trends in the Field

According to recent reports, the need for cold storage in California has grown because of online grocery sales. Primary needs target use in population centers. Several assessments forecast a need for over 100 million square feet to pace and exceed logistics. The LA Times points this demand for fresh foods to Millennial consumers’ need for healthier options at the reach of a point-and-click. The agricultural industry is responding to the degree that the infrastructure of the food chain is changing the management and growth of cold storage in California.

Growth With Wisdom: Solutions In Context

Despite the practical win-win situation for growers, producers, and consumers there is only a small amount of experienced cold storage builders to fulfill the need. A solution to meeting this growing demand is in the hands of an experienced builder. TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing and Construction head the list of problem solvers with over fifty years in the planning, engineering, and constructing of refrigerated spaces.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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