3 Facts About Concrete Sidewalks in Mount Vernon, WA


Most people walking along concrete sidewalks in the Mount Vernon, WA, area don’t wonder about what’s going on below their feet. For the curious, here are three fun facts you may not know about concrete sidewalks.

There may be wire or reinforcing bars under your feet

Some concrete has wire mesh or reinforcing bars to provide strength and durability to poured concrete. Depending on where you’re walking, the concrete under you may have this reinforcement in place. Most concrete sidewalks, however, are not designed to carry very heavy loads, and as such, do not need mesh or metal reinforcement.

There’s gravel down below

In order to prevent concrete sidewalks in Mount Vernon, WA, from shifting and breaking apart, a densely-packed gravel base is required before the concrete goes down. The type of soil under the concrete plays a big roll in how much gravel is used in the layer and how tightly it needs to be packed down. Clay, for example, doesn’t drain well. The standing water takes a long time to drain away or evaporate, eroding the concrete in the meantime.

Concrete sidewalks can last a long time

Most concrete sidewalks, under normal wear-and-tear circumstances, can last between 10 and 25 years, depending on the quality of the concrete. Other factors like weather can also affect the life of a concrete sidewalk. Summer expansion and freezing winter contraction can put stress on the concrete and make it more vulnerable to cracking.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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