Hunting Ringneck Pheasants Should be on Every Hunter’s Calendar


You won’t find pheasants in every state, but pheasant hunting in South Dakota is a tradition. The endless prairie grasslands of South Dakota make an ideal environment for big, beautiful ringnecks. In fact, pheasant hunting has become an integral part of the culture in the state. In fact, the ring-neck pheasant is the state bird of South Dakota.

While ring-neck pheasants seem like native birds, they were introduced on American soil in the late 18th Century. They quickly spread across the continent, making the vast grasslands of the Great Prairie region their home. They are native to Asia and the Balkan region of Eastern Europe but have been introduced all over the world as game birds.

The pheasant season in South Dakota traditionally begins on the third Saturday of October and runs through the end of December. You’ll never forget hunting the chilly, rolling hills of South Dakota, and many hunters say that the state offers the best pheasant hunting in America.

A South Dakota hunting license entitles a hunter two, 5-day periods and up to 15 rooster pheasants, or three birds per day.

Towns like Ideal, Redfield, Mobridge, and Brookings base part of their economy on pheasant hunting, All across the state, you’ll find hunting lodges and guided hunts, not just for pheasant, but for deer as well.

Every avid hunter has pheasant hunting in South Dakota on their bucket list. If you haven’t yet been to the state for pheasant hunting season, it’s time to book your trip.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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