The Many Types of Mah Jongg Games


Mah jongg comes in many forms. There is the traditional form of mah jongg, which uses a standard rack and tiles. Whatever version you play you need to make sure you have a quality rack to fully enjoy your gaming experience. Mah Jongg boards are normally made from solid wood. This is the traditional material in terms of origination, as this was often accompanied by ivory tiles. Ivory tiles are no longer available, but many people still choose to use wooden boards as a reference to the origination of the game itself. Some people however choose to purchase plastic boards, as this is much more affordable to purchase.

The Game Itself

The game starts with 152 tiles. These tiles normally have Chinese characters and symbols printed on to the surface so the user can always see the difference between the tiles at a glance. The standard mah jongg set comes with three different types of suits, the crack tiles, the bam tiles and lastly the dot tiles. You will also find that you have four types of honor tiles, including the flower, the wind, the jokers and the dragons. The process is simple; each player draws 13 separate tiles from the. The aim of the game is to continue drawing tiles until you get the best possible hand. Many people choose to keep their tiles in a monogram mah jongg case, to keep them protected during transportation.

Online Mah Jonng

Many developers have also made an online version of mah jongg, for those who prefer to play quick games as opposed to long set ups. These are widely available on the internet, but many people state that they do not offer the same appreciative value as a board version. Board versions are now also widely available to purchase, and some online websites even allow you to customize your tiles so you can make the set entirely yours in every way possible. This includes adding your own design on the back of the tile, customizing the color of your dice and even purchasing the case. Whatever you choose, mah jongg is a great game that can be enjoyed time and time again. Whether you’re a serious player in search of a fully customized set or a beginner looking for a starter kit, you can be sure to find everything you need when you purchase from a trusted distributor.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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