Features That Are Important for Glass Wine Cellars in Katy TX


An increasingly popular trend is the residential wine cellar, with some of the higher-end ones being equivalent to those of certain restaurants. More modest glass wine cellars in Katy TX allow many men and women the chance to stock up on favorite varieties and ones they’d like to try. They can take advantage of price specials and limited-edition varieties.

Climate Control

Glass wine cellars in Katy TX must have adequate climate control, even though the beverages are stored in sealed glass bottles. Humidification is normally not necessary in this climate, although the owners may still want to keep a hygrometer in the room just in case. The cellar must be fully insulated or temperatures will fluctuate too much. They should be kept in a narrow range at all times, which may mean installing a cooling system.

Storage Racks

One part of the trend is a move away from wine racks that only show the cork. The owners probably have a good idea of which wines are on which racks, but they might like to show the wine cellar to guests now and then. The guests will be more impressed with racks that allow them to see the labels. This is the display design in higher-end wine shops as well.

Metal racks are the most affordable option, but people who have gone to the effort of having a wine cellar built in their home tend to want wood. It’s important to install racks that can handle bottles of different sizes, since some are thinner and some wider.

The Right Type of Storage

Some men and women start stockpiling wine for the limited-time discounts on their favorites and to have several bottles of those varieties from each year. They then might add some that sound intriguing along with others that are only produced for a season.

It’s common for these wine lovers to haphazardly store all this wine in the basement, perhaps on some cheap racks they’ve picked up along the way. Being able to store it so it ages properly and is also displayed in a beautiful can be done with wine cellars from contractors like Lone Star Glass, Inc. Visit website domain to learn about this particular glass contractor.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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