Why You Should Call Full-Service Professionals for Chimney Cleaning in McLean


You may not realize your chimney needs cleaning until it becomes blocked, or you find soot or ashes settling on your furnishings. These are good indicators that you need to call experts who specialize in Chimney Cleaning in McLean. They will solve your immediate problem, and experts, such as the technicians at Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps, Inc., can provide other valuable services, including:

A CHIMNEY INSPECTION: Before professionals begin Chimney Cleaning in McLean homes, they will carefully inspect your chimney and the surrounding areas. Experts can determine whether there is a dangerous build up of creosote or soot, which could lead to a chimney fire if not removed. Technicians also check ventilation systems, including the flue. Blocked flues can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Professionals will inspect and clean pre-fabricated or masonry fireplaces, inserts and free-standing stoves, gas logs, and gas or oil furnaces.

REPAIRS AND ENHANCEMENTS: Chimney sweeps also make repairs and offer services that include animal removal, installing animal guards, or installing lock-top dampers. They will add a stainless steel chimney liner, which provides extra fire protection and increases your home’s value. Technicians can replace a chimney crown that has deteriorated. When the masonry around your chimney has deteriorated, experts can fill it in, using tuck pointing. They will also rebuild your home’s firebox, to add beauty, convenience, and safety.

MASONRY WORK: In addition to providing repairs and Chimney Cleaning in McLean, companies such as Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps, Inc. can rebuild home masonry, and design or remodel your fireplace. They will repair your home’s fascia, and work with you to restore an historic building. Technicians will design and install an outdoor grilling area, fireplace, patio, and more.

HOME IMPROVEMENTS: A company that cleans and repairs chimneys also provides professional remodeling services. Their experts can help you design the ideal bathroom, basement, deck, or even fencing. They also offer handyman services.

It is essential that the chimney on your home is professionally maintained, to avoid chimney fires or toxic fumes. The experts who offer this service can also enhance your chimney, and offer a range of home improvement services.


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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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