See Your Dentist in Millville for a Root Canal

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Dentist

Tooth pain can become severe and leave you with repercussions in the health of your teeth. When you are experiencing tooth pain, this is a warning sign, created by your body, to inform you something is wrong. When dental pain strikes, it is often caused by cavities and infection. When the cavity or infection goes deep within the canals of the tooth, there are normally only two options for treatment. One option removes the tooth entirely, through an extraction and the other cleans out the tooth, removing the diseased tissue and saving the tooth from further damage and loss. Through your Dentist in Millville, you can have a root canal procedure and possibly improve the health of your smile.

The Procedure For a Root Canal

When your Dentist in Millville decides you need a root canal, you will first have X-rays and an examination done. The dentist will need to check the tooth and the bone structures surrounding the tooth, for signs of infection and damage. Once the procedure begins, the dentist will first give you anesthesia, normally a local one. This numbs the area so you do not feel any pain during the procedure. Click here

The dentist will then open up the tooth, using a special drill. This opening will create a way for the dentist to extract all of the inner tissues and the nerve. Using canal files, the dentist will clean out any infection and then pack the tooth with medication until all signs of infection are gone. Once your tooth has completely healed, the dentist will permanently fill the tooth. This creates an impenetrable surface so infection and other issues are a thing of the past.

A root canal can help to save your tooth and stop the pain. When you are in need of a root canal, you need to contact your Dentist in Millville. Contact Millville Family Dental and they will be glad to examine you and help you to understand the root canal process. They also have an Emergency Dentist if your pain is severe. Contact them today and learn more about the procedures they offer so your teeth can be their healthiest and your smile look its best.

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