Business-to-Business Interaction and Translation Services


Generally known as B2B or business to business interaction, the term is being used widely in the business world. It is an important element in the current architecture of interactive communication. This type of communication enables small enterprises to communicate with large ones about issues involving purchasing, marketing and key account management. This type of interaction is mostly internet-based, as small and large enterprises have equally invested in “interactive technologies” over the past few years. B2B interaction has a strong relation with translation services.

Translation services are often needed in B2B interaction as inter-organizational relationships can develop between two enterprises operating in separate countries. Any two organizations involved in B2B communication need not pursue the same goals. Their dependency on each other can be due to any number of reasons. A French translator working for the El Paso services of The Marketing Analysts Translation Services Company shared some of his own experiences about B2B interaction. He told us that many organizations hire their services for effective B2B communication. He discussed the French to English translations and the English to French translations he carried out on behalf of his translation company for effective communication between French businessmen and their American counterparts.

In the new interactive economy, the popularity of B2C (business-to-consumer) communication has lessened. There are a few reasons for this shift in the style of communication. Organizations think it more beneficial to be in constant communication with other organizations rather than individuals. All organizations maintain their websites, advertising and introductions to their companies through social media, as well. These practices often raise the need for website translation; whereas retail consumers often do not feel the need to communicate or to divulge their personal information and credit details online.

The “new economy” applications of IT also have given birth to many small companies which want to compete with large corporations through Internet and other social media websites. This development broadened the base of business itself as the Internet became an effective tool for business communication, marketing, advertising and negotiating. This not only brought a significant change in the business world but also opened new avenues for translation service companies. In addition to providing certified document translation, translation companies are now hired for website translations frequently.

In today’s business communication, translation services and translation companies play such a major role that inter-organizational communication cannot be effective without the aid of translation services. Moreover, B2B interaction has added new dimensions to the world of business.


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