Where to Find Underfloor Heating in Wigan

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Plumbing

Back in the 1960’s, electric underfloor heating was something of a vogue especially when constructing estates of identical houses or blocks of flats. The popularity of electric underfloor heating had more to do with its low installation cost than its actual benefits to the home owner.

In fact, it became unpopular with the home owners because of its high running costs in the form of huge electricity bills simply to keep warm in winter.

Underfloor Heating Makes a Comeback

We have all experienced the feeling when waking up on a winter’s morning, our bed is warm but, the moment our feet touch the floor, they feel the cold. We may have had heating in the room all night but, hot air rises and a hot ceiling is no comfort to our feet. We can live with this somewhat minor discomfort or, we could contact a heating specialist like Underfloor Heating Wigan and see if we can have all three luxuries: a warm bed in a warm room and warm feet first thing on getting out of bed.

Thinking about this, we may even decide that under the floor is probably the best place to install our source of room heating. Then, we remember the high electric bills of old (and those were in days when electricity was noticeably cheaper than today). Fortunately, if we go to such as Underfloor Heating Wigan, we will also find out that today’s version of this excellent heating method need not come at a prohibitive cost.

Cost Savings

The very ancient underfloor heating systems simply blew hot air from a central fire around passages below the floor. The expensive to run electrical systems relied mainly on the radiant heat available from an electric coil. The sort of systems that Underfloor Heating In Wigan will recommend you to use rely on one of today’s energy efficient heaters being used to transfer heat to a fluid that is then passed around pipes or tubes laid beneath your floor. These heat transfer systems need not be expensive to run.

Radiator based central heating gives you the problems of where to place the radiator, how to make it look pleasing in your room décor and how to make the radiator take up as little space as possible. Underfloor heating on the other hand is invisible in the room and takes up no space while efficiently heating the whole room area (no more cold spots).


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