Quality Care Is Missouri Delta Medical Center’s Goal

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Healthcare

People who live in the Dexter, Missouri, area are proud of their hospital. Missouri Delta Medical Center is one of the finest hospitals in the country.

The hospital was founded in 1948, and today the facility offers more than 25 different health services. The Medical Center is eagerly anticipating the opening of the PARE Minimally Invasive Neurospine Institute. The Institute, led by Dr. Joel Ray, will have its first case in October. Dr. Ray and his team are dedicated to improving back pain, using the latest surgical techniques. Missouri Delta CEO, Charles Ancell, says “back pain is a frustrating ailment and is the leading cause of missed work days for adults under the age of 45.” The Center will feature a state-of-the-art operating room and clinic area.

The Medical Center recently opened a Wound and Hyperbaric Center. Patients with chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, often have delayed healing. Without treatment, patients could develop gangrene and other complications. Hyperbaric medicine is a major treatment for chronic wounds. The chamber is compressed with 100% oxygen. The treatments make new cells and improve blood supply to the wound.

Patients often brag that Missouri Delta is the Best Hospital in Dexter MO. Hospital staff are especially proud that their facility is one of only a few in the country offering 3D Breast tomosynthesis. The Selenia Dimensions digital mammography system is the latest technology in fighting breast cancer. Radiologists identify breast structures without overlapping tissue getting in the way. Doctors are actually able to see a 3D breast reconstruction.

The hospital is also proud of the Delta Diabetes Center. The Center offers diabetes management and education. The program’s goal is to prevent the devastating side effects that go along with diabetes. The Center is certified by the American Diabetes Association.

It’s easy to understand why people in the community appreciate this medical center. It offers excellent health care and is a major employer for the area. Missouri Delta opened a new Community Care Center in nearby Charleston last month. Officials say the facility will be a full-service medical provider. Hospitals are important, and it seems like Missouri Delta offers the best health care possible.


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