Why you should have an intruder alarm fitted to your home or business

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Security

Keeping out potential thieves is something equally important for both homes and businesses, as both buildings will inevitably have many belongings or equipment of high value. There are many basic things that you can do to prevent thieves from gaining access to your premises, and these basic rules must be followed strictly if you want to completely block out burglars. This includes keeping all your doors and windows locked, as well as ensuring any objects of high value are kept completely out of sight from the outside. However, even though you can tighten up security around your premises, often this is not enough as criminals are utilising increasingly sophisticated means to gain access to your premises. This is where burglar & intruder alarms in Portsmouth come in, as they offer a second wave of security that can protect you even if a criminal has found their way into your premises. Intruder alarms alert the surrounding area that a burglary is being committed, and are even capable now of immediately contacting the police to give them the chance to immediately respond and catch the criminal. Continue reading below to discover more about why an intruder alarm can be crucial to your security, either at home or at your business premises.

Burglar alarms scare off criminals as soon as they sound

Even if a criminal does manage to break into your premises, as soon as your burglar alarm goes off it is likely to cause them to panic and flee immediately. This means that they will have little to no time to actually steal any of your belongings, meaning you are no worse off from their criminal activity. On top of this, this will likely deter any future burglaries as people will know you have invested in burglar & intruder alarms in Portsmouth.

Some burglar alarm systems can immediately alert the police

Burglar alarms give the police a fantastic chance to actually catch the criminal in the act, preventing them from committing any future burglaries which may happen if they escape. So not only are intruder alarm systems of great help to you and your business, but they are also excellent for the community around you and for the justice system.

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