When You Need to be Away from Home, You Want a Pet Boarding Service in Montclair, VA that You Can Trust.


Your cats or dogs are members of the family, and if you could take them on vacation or to your Great-Aunts during the holidays, you would. But there simply are times when your pets must stay behind. You want to make sure they are well taken care of and do not feel stressed or anxious while you are gone. For pets left at home and visited infrequently by neighbors or friends, it can be hard on an animal without the social interaction. Accidents can happen, a stressed pet can bolt unexpectedly out the door leaving the care giver panicked and often putting the animal in danger. When you have to go away from your pet, you want to find a quality Pet Boarding Montclair VA.

At Dumfries Animal Hospital, they will provide a safe, clean and healthy boarding experience for your pets. With over 100 cages in varying sizes, they have 2 wards for dogs, 1 for cats and another for an indoor run. There are also wards for isolation, should the need arise, keeping compromised animals away from the healthy ones. The ventilation system changes the air out completely every 5 – 10 minutes. This helps to ensure contagious diseases are not spread or allowed to grow. Heated during the winter and air conditioned during the summer months, your pet will be comfortable during their stay at a Pet Boarding Montclair VA.

Three times a day, your pet will be taken out for exercise and allowed to run. Geriatric or recovering animals will be walked on leash to keep them safe. You can bring in the food you normally feed your pet at home, or allow the staff to feed your animal high quality Purina. The bedding and boarding areas are cleaned often to keep your pet healthy. Also, because your dog or cat will be exposed to other animals, current vaccinations are required for both canine and feline pets and they should have had a routine exam within the past twelve months.

When you need to go away from home for a day, a weekend or longer you need to leave your pet with someone you can trust. Your cat and dog cannot tell you how they feel, their fears, or anxieties. When you house them with the professional staff at Dumfries Animal Hospital, you can feel secure knowing they are being well taken care of.


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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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