Reasons for the Popularity of Cremation in Stonington


Not many years ago, it was rare for people in Western civilizations to cremate their dead. However, the option has gained popularity in recent years, for a number of reasons. These include:

OPTIONS: When the deceased or their families’ choose Cremation Stonington funeral professionals can offer them a range of options. Experts, such as Mystic Funeral Home LLC, will pick up the body from the place of death, and transport it directly to a crematory. Alternatively, survivors can opt for more traditional arrangements, which may include embalming, visitation, and a memorial service with the body present. In these cases, the deceased is displayed in a temporary casket, and then moved into a disposable vessel, for cremation. Once that process is completed, the cremains are returned, and the families may dispose of them in several ways. These include sprinkling the ashes over one or more sites, dividing them among survivors, and even incorporating remains into keepsakes, such as jewelry.

COSTS: When choosing simple Cremation Stonington families pay a fraction of the cost of a traditional funeral. In some cases the deceased has arranged a prepaid cremation to save money, and at other times, survivors make the choice because they simply do not have the budget for traditional arrangements.

THE ENVIRONMENT: Those who are concerned about saving the earth’s resources, and the land itself, often choose cremation. By not interring a body, they save a cemetery plot, as well as the expense of ongoing maintenance.

DISTANCE: Often a death happens so suddenly that family and friends are not able to gather in time for a conventional service and burial. At these times, cremation allows survivors to hold funerals when everyone can be together. In some cases mourners choose to cremate bodies, to make it easier to transport them to a final resting place.

RELIGIOUS APPROVAL: In the past many religions prohibited cremation, but some have relaxed these restrictions. In certain cases, they have even set aside grounds where cremains can be interred, so that they are still buried in holy ground.

Today many people choose cremation instead of traditional burials because the practice offers many options, costs less than conventional funerals, is eco-friendly, and solves geographic problems. Cremation is also being allowed by more religions.



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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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