Training for Service Dogs


When you want to have a service dog to help you or your child, turn to us for quality service dog training in Chicago. Service dogs provide invaluable help, and they may even save your life. The training process required in order to make this happen is rigorous, and we help you and your dog through it in a step-by-step process.

Having a service dog is a considerable benefit to you or anyone in your household who has a disability. We take the time to get to know you and your dog. The younger your dog is when it starts the training process, the easier it will be for the dog to learn how to work, behave and respond to your commands.

Our training for service dogs includes a variety of situations and environments. Because you will take your service dog everywhere, it needs to be accustomed to different places, sounds, people and smells. The beginning of the training takes place in our controlled environment. Once you and your dog are confident with those aspects of the training, we move out into the world.

We may have you take your dog onto sidewalks and other places where people may be walking, running and biking. You and your dog may visit stores and restaurants where there will be a lot of people, noise and smells. If you will be using mass transit, you and your dog will practice on the buses and trains.

Whether you need a service dog for yourself or your child, let us help you. At Chicago Canine Academy, we have years of experience training service dogs for people with post-traumatic stress disorder, blindness, seizures and other conditions. You may also visit us online at website in order to learn more about our service dog training in Chicago.

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