What Can a Veterinary Surgeon in Timonium, MD Do for You?


Taking your pet to the vet is very important after every few months. All pets, including exotic animals, birds, cats, and dogs, should be tested after a few months. Animals tend to exhibit signs of illness in a very different manner as compared to humans, and in many situations, you might miss those signs right away. Going to a veterinary surgeon in Timonium, MD after every few months will make it easy for you to take care of your pet. A veterinary surgeon provides many different services, some of which are discussed below.


Animals such as cats and dogs, need to be taken for proper grooming at the vet after every few months. The grooming involves trimming their fur, a medicated bath, and nail trimming (if required). You need to take your pet for a grooming session after every few months because their fur tends to grow very quickly. Reputable clinics such as the Sitename, offer a myriad of treatment and grooming solutions to their clients. If your pet seems to be in visible distress because of their overgrown fur, you should set an appointment at the veterinary clinic right away.

Vaccines and Medical Care

Similarly, you can also visit the veterinary surgeon in Timonium, MD if your pet needs its vaccinations or any kind of medical care. It’s important that you get injections for rabies, Distemper and Bordetella for your dog, while cats should get their injections for rabies and distemper. If your pet sustains any kind of injury, you should rush to the veterinary care clinic right away. Do not delay emergency care as it could affect the health of your pet. If you notice anything out of the ordinary in your pet’s behavior, it’s recommended that you go to a veterinary clinic.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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