When It Comes To Skips Wokingham Firms Have It Sorted


Hiring a skip is one of life’s unavoidable necessities for most people, every once in awhile.

There are numerous reasons why people in and around Wokingham need to hire a skip. Small building projects, gardening waste, moving house or a clear out and de-clutter initiative all present a need to dispose of quantities of waste that are not handled by the regular local authority waste disposal system.

You could, of course, try to save some cash by taking it all to the local Waste Recycling Centre in the family hatchback but you need to make sure that it doesn’t end up as the family “scratchback”. Waste materials can be bulky and heavy and can easily damage car paintwork and upholstery if care is not taken.

Many people are of the mistaken opinion that a skip would be too large for their needs. They have a picture in their mind of the large skips that are often used by builders on major building projects and it is true enough that many private houses would not have the space to accommodate a skip that large.

Fortunately, skips in Wokingham are actually available in a variety of sizes ranging from the small and easy to accommodate 2 cubic yard skip through to the giant 40 cubic yard roll-on roll-off type that are used on major building projects. Householders should note that the 2 cubic yard option is usually sufficient for most small home improvement and gardening jobs but if there are any unusually large objects to deal with then an upgrade to a 4 cubic yard option may be worthwhile.

There are a few tips to bear in mind when ordering a skip:

Make sure that the skip delivery lorry will be able to gain access to the proposed site. Confirm with the skip rental company how many days are included in the hire period and what the charges would be if you overrun
If you need to place the skip on the road you will need a skip permit which can be obtained from your local council. The requirements are specified in the Highways Act 1980: check out section 139 road traffic regulations act, 1984.

Your best course of action would be to make a call to one of the local skip hire companies and obtain a competitive quotation. They would be pleased to clear up any queries that you may have. Click here to get more information.


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