The Various Uses Of A Dumpster In Suffolk County NY


Sometimes people create a lot of trash. Maybe they have large families or are remodeling their home. Perhaps it is a new construction project, a yard makeover or any variety of other reasons, but whatever those reasons may be the only way to get rid of all that refuse is a Dumpster in Suffolk County NY. Well, it may not be the only way, but it is certainly the most convenient. After all, who wants to drag out extra cans to the curb, assuming the trash service will allow you to toss the stuff out that way.

Of course, not all people have considered their trash collection alternatives. In fact most people think that garbage collection is just a couple of cans they set at the curb twice a week or a plastic cart they lease from their local garbage pickup service. Few ever realize that a Dumpster in Suffolk County NY can come in a variety of sizes or that most companies lease to homeowners as well as businesses.

Dumpsters have a variety of purposes. They can be leased for short term use such as quick construction or demolition jobs or they can be hired for long term usage although this is usually done in commercial settings. One popular use for small to medium sized dumpsters is the clean out of vacated homes or commercial buildings. People often leave a lot of junk behind when the move and sometimes the best way to get rid of it is using a Dumpster in Suffolk County NY. Of course, you might try dragging it all to the dump yourself if you have a vehicle capable of carrying it and if you don’t have anything better to do.

If you have decided on renting a Dumpster in Suffolk County, NY make sure you understand exactly what the company will accept and what they cannot. For example, electronics are a definite no no when it comes to trash disposal. Federal regulations forbid the disposal of electronics in local landfills. Likewise, some Metal recycling facilities have specific dumpsters for recyclable metals and would prefer to keep refuse out. Discuss your situation with the leasing company who will gladly fill you in on all the details.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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