How to avoid Equipment Failure Related Car Accidents

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Automotive

Many people have a wait and see attitude when it comes to their car maintenance. In other words they wait until something goes wrong and then see what is happening. Without regular maintenance checks with an auto repair Clearwater, FL mechanic you are taking some risks for equipment failure. Equipment failure is the number one cause of U.S. car accidents. There are three key areas of your car repair you should always be on top of to avoid equipment failure.

Check Your Tires
If you think all that can go wrong with your tires is a flat, think again. Your car tires can experience many issues and these issues can pose serious dangers while you are driving. Here are two tire issues and tips to avoid them:

  • Under-inflation can make a common situation with sudden stops turn into an accident. Tip: Always check the air pressure of your tires to ensure they are at the manufacturer’s recommended level.
  • Worn and uneven tires can also prove fatal when you have to stop suddenly. Tip: Your safest bet is to have regular checks every 5,000 miles with your auto repair Clearwater, FL mechanic for alignment, suspension and balance.

Avoid Brake Failure
It doesn’t take an auto repair mechanic to tell you that your brakes are one of the most important parts involved in the safety of your vehicle. Today’s models have many safety features but older models have more chance of potential brake failure. Older drum braking systems can pose real issues especially when they are over heated. This can cause them to experience fading. Antilock braking systems are designed to prevent wheels from locking if you have to stop suddenly.
Tip: It is important that you have regular maintenance checks with your auto repair Clearwater, FL mechanic so you are not in danger of experiencing brake failure in an emergency situation.

Suspension and Steering
Without healthy steering it will be difficult to avoid surprises in the road. Your suspension keeps your tires in contact with the road so that your car does not become unpredictable when you need to manoeuvre in dicey situations.
Tip: Have steering and suspension checked every 10-15,000 miles.

Regular maintenance with your auto repair Clearwater, FL mechanic will make driving your car safer.

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