What You Need to Know about Sump Pumps


If you want to drain water from your basement successfully in a very practical way, you should use a sump pump. There are many types of sump pumps in the market. A good sump pump will have a sealed lid and it pumps water to the outside through a pipe outlet. These pumps have been improved a lot since the old days and the modern types consist of several key parts. If you plan to buy some sump pumps Connecticut, it helps to have some basic knowledge about the pumps so that you get good value for your money. There are some important aspects of these pumps that you must consider if you are to get a good pump that will serve you well.

When shopping for sump pumps, you must consider the horsepower. Most of the models have a third, half or three quarter horsepower ratings. The half horsepower model is able to pump approximately 3,600 gallons per hour. A good sump system should consist of two pumps and a battery backup system in case of an emergency situation. During storms and heavy rains, the power may go out. If the sump pump was relying only on this source of power, your basement will be flooded. A battery backup system that can last for about 9 hours and has a trickle charger will be very ideal, in such circumstances. The trickle charger will charge the battery when the pump is resting.

The most common cause of the sump pumps failure is the float switch. You can avoid this problem by incorporating a piggyback float switch. The liner that houses the subfloor component is also very important. It should have a solid construction at the bottom and perforations from top to bottom. The pump should be able to stand of the bottom of the liner itself. It is advisable to get a liner that can accommodate two pumps. If you want your sump pump to function optimally, you should know how to maintain it well. There are a few simple maintenance tips you can apply to help keep the pump in good working condition.

You need to put a cover over the sump basin so as to keep out children, animals and any debris from falling into the basin. The cover will also reduce evaporation and the smells coming from the basin. You should also make it a point to remove any debris from the basin before you turn on the pump so that it does not get blocked. There are many stores that sell sump pumps Connecticut. These stores usually have technicians with plenty of knowledge on the various types of pumps. They will be able to give you good advice on sump pumps and other types of pumps.

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