Diagnosing And Treating Glaucoma


Glaucoma is a group of diseases of the eye that comes on with no warning.  Many people may have glaucoma and not even realize it.  It is the second leading cause of blindness. Fortunately, for people with Glaucoma in Cleveland, there are treatments and surgeries that may help the condition.  There is no cure for Glaucoma, but treatment may help slow the progression of vision loss.

The important thing is to find Glaucoma in it’s early stages to help prevent further vision loss. There are different types of the disease but the most common is called open angle glaucoma. Open angle glaucoma accounts for 90% of all glaucoma cases.  It’s caused by the drainage canals becoming clogged and causing pressure in the eye. It is called open angle because this type of glaucoma has a wide and open angle between the iris and the cornea.

Everyone is at risk for developing glaucoma. However, there are people who are in a higher risk category for the disease. People who are at high risk should get an eye exam annually.  People who are at higher risk include African Americans, Asians, people over the age of 60, family members with a history of glaucoma, steroid users and those who have received an eye injury such as blunt trauma or bruising to the eye.

If you feel you may be at risk for glaucoma, contact an eye doctor for an eye exam and eye dilation. If you are diagnosed with the condition, there are several treatment options that your doctor will explain to you. He or she will help you determine the best treatment for you. Some may include medications or laser surgery.  The type of treatment you will receive depends on the condition of your eye, the stage of glaucoma you are diagnosed at and other factors. It’s important to get treatment for Glaucoma in Cleveland and not ignore it. If you ignore the condition, your eyesight will get worse and may eventually lead to blindness.

If you have never been to an eye doctor before, you can find one in your area by doing a search on the internet. You may be able to find websites of eye doctors and that is a great way to get more information about the conditions the eye doctor treats.  You may also consider asking your primary physician if they can recommend a good eye doctor for you.  Friends and family members may also be able to refer you to a reputable eye doctor or eye surgeon.

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