What a Bankruptcy Attorney in Wichita can do to Help You Solve Your Debt Problems


There are any number of reasons for getting into debt beyond your control. It could be medical bills, a loss of employment or anything that upsets the ability to keep up with what is owed. The end result is the same: the bills pile up and there is no way that they can be paid off within a reasonable amount of time. Attempts to take care of the debt without going to bankruptcy can be made, but when almost all of the household income goes towards servicing reduced debt, it’s time to take stock and reconsider. It’s at this point when setting up a date for a consultation with a Bankruptcy in Wichita isn’t such a bad idea.

Bankruptcy is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all legal procedure. It’s complicated, requires a lot of paperwork, and you are going to spend a lot of time preparing for the filing. The work is a little easier with the help of a Bankruptcy attorney in Wichita, but you still have to get everything together. The court wants to see your financial information in order to determine that you do really need relief and aren’t hiding anything. To that end, you are going to need every last piece of financial paperwork you have in order to fill out the petition.

Once the petition is completed and you have satisfied the requirements for filing, the process can begin. The reason why you fill out a petition is because you are literally petitioning, or asking, the court for relief from your debt. Bankruptcy is done at the federal level in order to ensure that all creditors are notified as well as abide by the permanent injunction that bankruptcy creates. This is a powerful tool to wield in terms of your finances, and when done right, it frees you from your debts completely.

This is not something that is easily done on your own. It’s best to have legal help from a lawyer so that no mistakes are made and that all aspects are covered. The lawyer is there for you when the petition is filled out, when it is filed and when you have the 341 meeting with the trustee. If a problem arises, the attorney handles it for you so you can go on to have a stress-free bankruptcy.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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