In Home Nursing Care: All the Care You Need

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Healthcare

There comes a point in life when people need care due to some circumstances beyond their control. This kind of care is very important as it determines a lot of things including when and if they get better. This is where in home nursing care comes in. When one decides that home care is the best thing for them or a loved one then they should know that it has different levels and that this mode of in home nursing care is very expensive.

The levels

In Home Nursing Care has six levels and they are as follows;

  • · Companion care
  • · Nursing care
  • · Personal care
  • · Live in care
  • · Respite care
  • · Working with health services providers

In companion care the patient is given company by engaging with them in various activities for instance reading. Personal care is all about personal hygiene while nursing care is care given to a patient who is recovering let’s say from surgery or those who need their wounds cleaned and bandaged regularly. You will simply choose what is convenient depending on your in home nursing care needs and circumstances.

Precious moments
There is also Palliative Care for those who have patients or are patients who are suffering from chronic illness and do not have long to live. This is not the time to pity the person but it is time to celebrate the past and cherish the little time left. As much as a lot of in home nursing care is given to the patient there is also focus on the family as it is well understood that this is a very hard time for them. In this kind of care the patient is offered personal assistance and if they are religious spiritual encouragement is given. The person is kept comfortable so that they do not feel abandoned. Equipment and supplies needed at home are delivered and their meals are prepared for them.

There are different facilities available depending on specific needs. Long term care facilities are for those whose condition is complicated and require a nurse to attend to them twenty four hours while the doctor will be checking on them to ensure that all is well. This is also a facility for people living with disabilities and who cannot support themselves therefore everything is done for them. One might ask why people should go to a care provider instead of doing the job themselves. The issue is that all this requires money and life continues even if one person is not well. Bills have to be paid and children have to eat so you need to work while someone else gives you a hand in taking care of your loved one. This is the best approach to finding the most efficient in home nursing care.

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