Don’t Do Anything Until You Contact a Criminal Attorney

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Lawyers

Are you expecting to be charged with a crime in Cincinnati or have you recently been charged with one? If so, you will definitely not want to do anything until you have a lawyer on your side. You have a legal right to have representation and you should never do anything, like speak with law enforcement, until you speak with a lawyer first. Remember, a law enforcement officer is doing their job by trying to get you to talk to them but you may be unknowingly incriminating yourself in the process. This is why you won’t want to do anything until you talk to a criminal attorney in Cincinnati, first.

You Need an Attorney on Your Side

It doesn’t matter what type of crime you are accused of and it doesn’t matter if you are guilty or not. You need a criminal attorney in Cincinnati on your side. You will need to sit down with them and give them your side of the story. Remember, they are extremely proficient when it comes to the law and they know how the legal system works. By being upfront and honest with your attorney, you will be putting yourself in the best position possible. Once they know your side of the story, they will be able to construct a defense that can be to your benefit.

You Should Be Candid and Upfront

Many people will try to hide information from their attorney or not give them all of the information they need. this is a mistake and could actually harm your case. It doesn’t matter if the information is incriminating or not, you must be forthcoming at all times. They hallmark of a good relationship with your lawyer is that you know they will not share this information with anyone and what is said between the two of you will stay with the two of you.

You should know, when you start this process, that you will be able to count on your lawyer to be your main source of advice and the person that you can look to when you need information about your case. Depending on the severity of the accusation, this person could really be your lifeline and be the difference between a conviction of many years and one that is much lighter than you may have thought.

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