Truly Safe Drinking Water in Waterford, MI

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Water Treatment

The public relies heavily on many agencies to deliver certain services to make life easier and more comfortable. Utility companies are expected to provide gas and electricity, cable or satellite television companies are expected to offer the most channels for a reasonable price, and water companies are expected to offer clean water. Unfortunately, out of the three services, water companies will fail the most. Clean Drinking Water in Waterford, MI is a relative term, and for consumers to get water flowing in their homes and businesses that is free of toxins and truly clean in the strictest sense of the term, they must use a water filtration system or water purification system to achieve this goal.

For Clean Drinking Water in Waterford, MI, Douglas Water provides water filtration systems that filter out sediments, nitrates, lead, chlorine, and dissolved solids that are present in water consumed by the public every day. Their water systems use reverse osmosis technology, which is highly effective at removing harmful substances from water to make it suitable and safe for consumption. The local water supplies that service various communities in any given region of a state must meet certain standards; however, those standards oftentimes allow a certain amount of harmful toxins to remain in the water supply at certain levels. Consequently, residents and businesses do not receive Clean Drinking Water in Waterford, MI coming out of their faucets for their families or their employees.

Although it is disheartening to believe that local water supplies are not purified to the extent that all toxins are removed, the reality is, as a general rule, that local water is not typically suitable for drinking. Douglas Water offers a free water analysis test to show their customers the state of their drinking water, and they will develop a water plan for customers that will provide Clean Drinking Water in Waterford MI for better health and better tasting water.

Water filtration systems are also a cost-effective method for cleaning water. Buying bottled water is more costly long term, and the water may or may not be clean as well. Water filtration systems eliminate, on average, more than 90% of impurities, and they are effective at removing asbestos, sulfates, mercury and arsenic. Customers can get a system installed in a reasonable amount of time, and most of all, they can be assured their water is truly safe for drinking.


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