Kicking Up Frac Water Recovery in Texas


The process of fracking uses fresh water – lots of it. The process uses so much water that it has become a major concern for the environmentally conscious. There is so much need for this fresh water that the gas and oil companies will have to come up with innovative ways to recover the water if the process is to be environmentally sustainable. In dry areas of the world it is even more of a concern because the water is not that available a resource. Frac water recovery in Texas has been an ongoing debate because the area is semi arid and recovered water can be reused to frac new wells.

Frac water recovery in Texas is becoming quite popular because many companies are finding that using proppants and more water to frac a well they get better results. Instead of the companies using less water, they are finding that using more works better. This means that if the gas and oil companies know what’s good for them, they will need to recycle the water they already have so they can use more of it. They will get superior results this way and with superior results, superior profits as well. The indication then is that they need to double their efforts in water recovery.

In Texas it has become clear that this scenario offers an opportunity and a problem. The problem is that more fresh water is needed and fresh water in the quantities needed by the gas and oil companies is a scarce commodity. The opportunity is that of recycling the water that is already in use. The amount of water to be recycled is massive. This way, the amount of fresh water used is reduced so that it can be directed to other places where it is needed. There are those who say that they can reduce the use of fresh water by up to 25% initially and even further with time.

The bottom line here is that the gas and oil industry will likely need and use more fresh water for each well that needs fracking. It is therefore imperative that partnerships be formed between them and companies that offer water recovery services as soon as possible. Such partnerships will go a long way in saving our planet and protecting the fresh water around us. These partnerships will solve the water problems faced by the gas and oil companies and offer a big opportunity for frac water recovery in Texas.

Millions of gallons of water per well are used in fracking. It is imperative that frac water recovery in Texas kick into high gear to make drilling environmentally sustainable.

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