Top Reasons to Use a Notary Service in Terrell TX


Whether people are signing loan documents or handling the paperwork to bail a loved one out of jail, a notary is often required to witness the signatures. A notary has a legal commission to witness signatures and verify the identities of the people signing documentation. Consider some of the top reasons to use a reputable Notary Service in Terrell TX.

Comply with State Regulations

Because a notary is commissioned by the state, he or she can verify the identity of a document signer, and that they are signing the paperwork themselves. Often this level of identification and verification is required by the state or other entity. Without a notarized signature, the paperwork is not considered legitimate or acceptable.

Oaths and Affirmations

A notary public is present to notarize a signature, not the document. Oath, affirmations, and seals might be required to make documentation official. A notary can provide these services, so the signature is legitimized.

The Need for Notarized Documents

In most instances, people visit a local office to sign documents before a notary public. Often these documents pertain to real estate transactions, such as deeds, which required notarized signatures. Other frequently notarized documents include powers of attorney and agreements.

In the Presence of Authority

A notary is also considered an authority in some situations, based on the state where the notary works. For example, a signer who must make an oath about the content of a document makes a declaration in front of a notary that carries a penalty of perjury. In federal courts and some state courts, a notarized signature is recognized as authentic.

Where to Find a Notary Public

Notary services are provided at a variety of neighborhood businesses. Most post offices and banks provide these services. Other places that may have a notary public include court clerks and bail Bondsman offices.

A notary provides a crucial service to people who must confirm they are signing a document in the presence of an authority. Having the notary sign, seal, or stamp the document proves it was signed correctly because identification was provided to the notary public. Notaries perform an essential service that helps reduce identity fraud and maintain the integrity of the signing process.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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