Protecting Your Phone And Using Cell Phone Insurance in Fort Myers


It’s no wonder why there are phone owners who carry additional Cell Phone Insurance in Fort Myers. There are modern phones cost well over $1,000. What happens when a phone that expensive breaks? A person might not have the disposable income to replace it. That’s why learning to better care for phones is important. Quite a few phone owners aren’t doing the best they can to care for their devices.

Using Cases

A person might find themselves making frequent claims with their Cell Phone Insurance in Fort Myers if they don’t use a quality phone case. A phone case acts as a buffer when a device is dropped. Some cases are better than others, so a person really should do their research before spending any money on a phone case. When it comes to phone cases, cheaper isn’t always better. Anyone who wants to get insurance for their device can visit Lee County Insurance Agency.


Some phone owners end up making insurance claims because of theft. Since phones are expensive, criminals can target them. People should use lock codes on their phones so if a device is lost or stolen a stranger can’t access sensitive information. If a phone is left inside a vehicle, it shouldn’t be visible from the outside. Keeping it hidden in the glovebox or trunk is the best option. Also, gym lockers aren’t exactly safe for phones.

The Bathroom

Believe it or not, a lot of phone damage occurs in the bathroom. People who use their phones in the bathroom have to exercise extreme caution. If a phone is going to be used to play music while a person relaxes and takes a bath, it should be set to a playlist and kept as far away from the tub as possible. Overly cautious people avoid bringing their phones to the bathroom altogether because they know how easy phones can get wet due to accidental drops.

Getting phone insurance is smart, but a person who takes good care of their phone usually won’t have to make a claim. Insurance is just something that a person should have for peace of mind. If a phone owner does have something bad happen to their phone, they’ll definitely want to be able to file a claim.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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