Clear Sewer Blockages Using Line Snaking in Riverside, CA


It’s never convenient to discover a home’s sewer line is plugged. However, it’s relatively easy to resolve the issue with Line Snaking in Riverside CA. The plumbing professionals generally have a clogged sewer line cleared quickly, restoring the system to normal. However, there are a couple of things property owners should consider when blockages develop.

What’s Causing the Blockage?

While quite a few things can contribute to a sewer line backup, there are a couple of common issues homeowners should be aware of. Arguably the most common cause of blocked sewer lines is some type of root system invading the line. Roots are always seeking water, and a home’s sewer lines provide a steady and reliable source of water and nutrients. That means roots from a variety of trees and shrubs will find their way into the lines to obtain the water they need to survive.

Another common cause of sewer line problems is physical damage to a pipe. That type of damage frequently occurs when vehicles are driven over the line. In many cases, the homeowner may not even be aware there is a sewer line buried in the area. It pays to find out where a home’s sewer line is located to minimize the potential for damage.

Dealing With Blockages

Plumbers have different ways to deal with sewer line blockages, but the most common and least expensive is Line Snaking in Riverside CA. A mechanical snake is sent through the sewer line to remove any obstructions. There are different tips for the equipment plumbers can use to deal with specific types of problems. The end result is generally a free-flowing line, but it’s possible the blockage will occur again if the actual cause of the problem isn’t dealt with.

Discuss Long-Term Cures With the Plumber

When the plumber feels the problem is likely to occur again in the future, take the time to discuss possible ways to prevent new blockages from happening. If roots are invading the line, it may be wise to remove the tree or shrub creating the problem. If the line is physically damaged, it may be necessary to repair the line. Contact Us to clear a clogged sewer line and discuss strategies to prevent the issue from occurring again.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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