How to Get Your Dog to the Vet


If you have a dog that doesn’t like the vet, you’re not alone. Many dogs are just as afraid of the vet as humans are of doctors or dentists. Add to that the fact that going to the vet usually happens when things aren’t going well and you’re a bit stressed out, and you’re likely to have one anxious puppy when it comes time for check-ups. You may not be able to get your pet to love the vet, but you can probably make it easier to make the trip each time if you do a few things to prepare you and your dog.


Just like anything, what you expect changes how you eventually experience things. If you expect a trip to the vet to be difficult and you stress out about it, your dog is going to see that stress and expect it to be difficult, too. You won’t be able to talk your dog out of their anxiety if you’re anxious. But if you are calm and relaxed, and you smile and even act a little excited about going to the vet, your dog will pick up on those feelings. Dogs are so in tune with their owners; use that to your advantage when preparing your dog for what to expect at the vet’s office.


Another great way that we help our dogs to get used to something is by giving them treats. Treats don’t always work on their own, because even a dog that expects treats when it goes to the vet will know if you’re anxious about the vet. But treats can help the dog to get into their crate or the car, which is the first step in getting to the vet with your dog.

Lie to Your Dog

Many people simply lie to their dog. You have to be pretty good at pretending, and some dogs will see right through their owner’s lies, but this can help you to get moving initially. Just like a treat, telling your dog that you’re going to the park will get them into the car. After that you’ll just have to be upbeat about the trip to the vet and hope for the best.

Some dogs love going to the vet. Their owners get excited and happy, they get treats, and not every trip to the vet involves needles or discomfort. Prepare your dog by bringing it to the vet even when things are okay, so that they know it’s not always a bad experience.

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