Finding Air Conditioning Contractors In CT

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Heating & Air Conditioning

It’s the middle of summer and your air conditioning has gone on the fritz. You’re building a new home or office and need air conditioning. Where do you find Air Conditioning Contractors in CT?

The first and best place to find an air conditioning contractor is through family and friends. Word of mouth advertising is crucial because people not affiliated with the company will give an unbiased opinion of what they liked and disliked most about their air conditioning contractor. If you don’t have friends or family who have used an air conditioning contractor, the next best place to look is in the phone book. Be ready to ask a lot of questions.

Do you service my brand of air conditioner? Do you install new air conditioning units in business or residential structures? What are the costs involved in putting in a new system? What are the costs involved in an on site estimation of repair costs? Can the repairs be made immediately if the money works out? Can they tie in the new system to your existing system? Are their technicians trained on your brand of air conditioner? What kind of warranty do they provide on both service and parts?

On the day of their scheduled visit, expect them to be on time. Expect them to be polite and friendly, but get right to work. They should have all the parts they need in their vehicle. The work should be done carefully but quickly. They should keep the area neat and tidy while they are working. No tramping mud through your home or office.

Another question to ask is if they provide service for your heater as well. Will they come out and do a check on your heater before you turn it on for the first time in winter? Do they, like River Valley Oil Service, bring heating oil to you?

With summers hotter and winters colder, it is a good idea to have a relationship with a heating and cooling contractor before your air conditioning goes out at noon on a Wednesday in July or your heat goes out at two in the morning in December.



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