How To Find The Right Trane Dealer in St. Petersburg

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Heating & Air Conditioning

 If you are in the market looking for a new heating and cooling or HVAC system, you may be interested in learning how to contact a Trane Dealer in St. Petersburg for your next HVAC unit. It can be difficult to determine which manufacturer is best and which services are best. A Trane dealer should be able to assist you with understanding the different kinds of units on the market and which one is best for you.

Since there are so many different choices of HVAC units to consider, a Trane Dealer in St. Petersburg will explain the benefits of buying a Trane HVAC system compared to a GE HVAC unit or a Honeywell HVAC unit. Contacting a dealer may also help you find the best prices for a Trane HVAC system. When searching for a Trane dealer, be sure you a few things to find the best dealer. All dealers should be certified and licensed but there are other differences.

Determine what type of orders the dealer provides. Some will have a minimum order with a fee applied if you don’t meet the minimum order. Some will not have a minimum amount but will not cover shipping or attach a fee if you don’t meet a certain amount. Even though there are tons of dealers on the market and it can be time-consuming finding the right one for you, it is imperative that you compare prices. Always check the prices of the different parts, the maintenance fee, the cost of repairs, and of course, the actual unit. Compare the shipping and handling, freight, and cost of taxes. It may not help you save money if the cost of the unit is cheaper than another unit but you end up paying more in shipping and handling or there is no maintenance provided.

Make sure you clearly understand the cancellation policy. There will no doubt be a certain time frame that you can return the unit. More than likely you will have to pay for the shipping and handling. But there are some dealers that will charge you extra fees such as a Return Merchandise fee. Some manufacturers will not allow you to return certain parts of the HVAC unit, so be aware of this too. Make sure there is some warranty guaranteed for the unit. Understand the shipping time and if anyone needs to be home in order for the unit to be delivered.

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