How to Choose Between Living in the Suburbs or Downtown Near the School

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Apartment Building

Austin, Texas, has always been known for its traditional charm. These days, however, it has become an economic powerhouse, attracting well-known tech companies from near and far. Perhaps you have set your sights on moving to Austin to attend college classes at the prestigious University of Texas to help prepare you for opportunities.

Suburbs Versus Downtown

While browsing for your next home, you are probably weighing the advantages and disadvantages when choosing between living in one of Austin’s suburbs and living in the center of it all. While living in the suburbs can provide you with a quiet and laid-back lifestyle, living near downtown may provide you with more convenient access to amenities that can help lower your living expenses.

The Benefits of Living Near UT

The most attractive advantage of living near campus is that you will have the option to walk or bike to school as you will only be minutes away. This means reducing costs while also doing your part to help save the environment. You will also live a type of metropolitan lifestyle that will support your needs as a student.

The Best Student Life Experience

Perhaps you have decided to move near the campus and are searching for the best off-campus student apartments in Austin. You should live at Ion Austin. They offer remarkable amenities like a VIP lounge and pool, electronic building access, prime lounge spaces, and more. Their furnished floorplans come complete with contemporary furniture for a complete modern student lifestyle. For the top student apartments in Austin to move to, you will not go wrong living here. Contact Ion Austin at right away.

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