Helping Young People in Minneapolis Address Mental Health Challenges

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Health Consultant

Youth mental health first aid training is a critical skill that parents, teachers, and others that have constant contact with young people should specialize in. The mental health of young people is just as important as their physical health. In some circumstances, it could be argued that mental health is more important than physical health. Unfortunately, people who have not received youth mental health first aid training might not pay as much attention to the mental health of young people around them as they should. However, statistics show that mental health illnesses in adulthood usually begin when a person is 15 to 18 years of age.

Teachers, youth workers, coaches, and others who interact with young people can do much to help with this. This doesn’t need to be left up to mental health professionals solely. Just think about CPR training. Anyone who does the proper training can be certified to administer CPR. Even though they are not medical professionals, they can give first aid when an emergency arises.

When a person has learned to give mental health first aid to young people, they receive the ability to engage in practices that change the lives of the people around them. Learning mental health first aid is an engaging process. It teaches a person how to become a friend in a crisis situation. The training greatly eliminates the stigma associated with mental health struggles. It is a great way to help start the conversation about improving mental health with young people by comparing mental health issues and physical health challenges, emphasizing the things they have in common.

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