Tips on How to Stage an Intervention for a Loved One in Minnesota

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Health Consultant

When you are in a position where you must arrange an intervention for a loved one, you need the intervention to be successful. While there are outside factors in play, how you plan the intervention can have a direct impact on its effectiveness. Here are some tips on how to stage an intervention for a loved one in Minnesota.

Get the Facts Regarding the Situation

Without being overly invasive, do your best to collect information about your loved one’s substance abuse disorder. Try to discover when the problem started, contributing factors, and the extent of the addiction. This information can help you understand and connect with the client.

Plan What You Will Say

Write down notes on what you want to say to your loved one during the intervention. Keep your statements direct yet warm. Emphasize your love and support as they go into recovery.

Choose the Right Support System

Be mindful of the people who will participate in the intervention. Focus on the quality of the guests rather than the quantity. You can have an intervention with just 2 – 3 people with the moderator. Do not include people who don’t currently have a strong relationship with the recipient.

Get a Professional Interventionist

Due to the high stakes of the situation, it’s best to enlist the services of a professional interventionist to assist you. The interventionist can guide you on exactly how to stage an intervention and how to manage your own stress during the situation.

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