Why Consider Tankless Water Heater Installation in Colorado Springs


Water heating accounts for a significant portion of one’s utility costs. That’s why more people are looking for ways to spend less on hot water. One way to do this is through tankless water heater installation in Colorado Springs.

Why People Are Making the Switch

Conventional water heaters, also called tank water heaters, store and heat water constantly. The average residential tank water heater holds between 40-50 gallons of water, but some can store as much as 100 gallons. That’s a lot of water that constantly needs heating.

Tankless water heaters heat on demand and don’t store water. They only heat the water when the faucet turns on, making them extremely energy efficient.

Here are seven reasons why making the switch to a tankless water heater is beneficial:

  1. Better energy efficiency
  2. Lower energy costs
  3. Longer lifespan
  4. Fewer repairs
  5. Great space saver
  6. Never run out of hot water
  7. Fewer chances of the unit causing water damage

Things to Know About Making the Switch

Changing to a tankless water heater can save households a lot of money on their energy bills, but it comes at an initial cost. Tankless water heater installation costs more than installing a tank water heater. That’s because some conversion work must take place during the installation. Also, tankless heaters cost more than conventional heaters. However, if one’s budget allows for it, tankless water heater installation in Colorado Springs is a wise investment. To learn more, contact a plumber today!

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