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by | Apr 18, 2013 | Animal

The cost of any sort of health care is very expensive, and it is not going to get any better any time soon. It is not just personal health care either. The cost of pet health care seems to be rising at an equal rate. Pet owners love their pets so everything must be done in order to insure the health and well being of their furry loved ones.

Compare Services

There are a few ways to ensure a little savings on animal care Cedar Rapids, IA services, though. Keeping a few tips in mind and doing proper research ahead of time can lead to some significant savings, especially over the lifetime of a pet. There is no need to sacrifice any needed pet health care service either in order to save money.

The first thing to do is to compare some of the most basic services offered by the clinic for animal care in Cedar Rapids . Some of these basic health care services include regular examinations, vaccinations, treatments of gastrointestinal conditions, heartworm treatment, and much more. It is always wise to first make a list of the most common issues that may arise for each particular pet. Then take that list and compare the cost of each. Total up the cost per year and that will provide a pretty good indication as to who offers the best rates on pet health care services.

Ask for Discounts

A pet owner should always call ahead and ask if there are any new customer discounts. Some, not all, clinics offer a pretty fantastic new customer discount for the first visit. This typically involves a discounted rate for wellness exams and any shots or vaccinations needed. Some animal care centers even offer additional discounts on first purchases of animal care products at the clinic.

Discounts on first time visits may be available as a coupon which is mailed out to all potential new customers, through coupon mailing services, or inside local pet publications like magazines and newsletters. It is always wise to keep an eye out for coupons everywhere, especially in cities like Cedar Rapids where there are quite a few animal care businesses to choose from.

Overall, the cost of caring for a beloved four legged friend can be very costly. To most animal owners there cannot be a price placed on the cost of caring for their pet. This does not mean a pet owner should go with the first animal care center and pay whatever they want to charge. As with anything, it is always wise to shop around before paying for anything. Having great pet health care does not always mean financial sacrifices always have to be made. Sometimes a pet owner can have both great pet health care and less cost.

Abbie’s Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital as well as a veterinary clinic. The clinic for animal care in Cedar Rapids, IA is run by Dr. Clark who has more than 20 years of experience in veterinary medicine. One of the specialties offered by the clinic is pain management and health treatments for small pets.


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