Questions to Ask a Transmission Repair Shop in Dallas


The cost to repair or even replace a vehicle’s transmission can be and usually is extremely high. This is of course an essential function to the operation of a vehicle so when a vehicle begins to show signs that it is beginning to fail it is very important that the vehicle owner takes the time to get it checked out as soon as possible. Now before taking the vehicle to a repair shop for a transmission in Dallas, there are some questions that a vehicle owner should have ready to make sure that all of the problems are addressed properly. If these questions are not asked there could be even bigger issues down the road, which could mean even more costs down the road for the vehicle owner.

One question to ask or to check into is whether or not the vehicle is under warranty. In most cases, the vehicle’s transmission is actually under a separate warranty than the rest of the vehicle. Most vehicle manufacturer’s have what they call a powertrain warranty which covers most of the costs for any repair to the vehicle’s transmission. Typically the vehicle’s powertrain warranty is good for 100,000 miles, though some of the vehicle manufacturers are actually offering even more of a warranty as part of their sales pitch to potential customers. If a vehicle owner is unsure of the warranty, then he or she can always check with the vehicle manufacturer. They will usually need the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in order to pull up the powertrain warranty information. If the vehicle is covered by the powertrain warranty, then this will certainly save the vehicle owner a lot of money. The manufacturer can then offer suggestions on which shops a person can take his or her vehicle to for a transmission Dallas.

Out of Warranty

If the vehicle is out of warranty, then a person needs to make sure that they shop around for potential shops to repair the transmission. All repair shops should at least be able to take a look and then be able to offer a fairly accurate quote on the total cost of repair for the vehicle transmission. One thing to note is the total cost of repair versus the value of the car. In the event that the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car it may be best to just sell the car or look for a trade in at a local car dealership.

Having a set of questions in mind and being at least somewhat knowledgeable on the transmission problem at hand will help any car owner avoid any excessive charges. A person should always ask any question that comes to mind. The repair shop should always be willing to answer.

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