Get Just the Right Flavors When Making Hot Wings in Springfield


Buffalo wings can be a meal to enjoy for any occasion or a side item for a larger meal. There are also numerous items that you can serve with these small pieces of chicken, including fries, potato skins and even salad. There are a few details to keep in mind if you’re making wings if you want them to have the crisp exterior and tender interior that you desire.


Before you put your wings in oil or in the oven, apply a small amount of melted butter to the outsides of them. Butter tends to make buffalo wings in Springfield, MO, restaurants crispy while also adding a lot of flavor.

Hot Oil

Make sure the oil you use for frying your wings is hot. If you put chicken in oil that hasn’t reached the proper temperature, then you’re usually going to lose a lot of the coating on the outside and could see the chicken stick to the pan.


Although you might think that it would make more sense to put sauce on your wings before they are cooked, you actually want to wait until they are removed from the oil or from the oven before adding the sauce. If you go ahead and put sauce on them before putting them in the oil, then it’s likely going to come off. Buffalo wings in Springfield, MO, restaurants and stores are often left for a few minutes so that the oil can drip off of them before the sauce is added, which can make the sauce adhere a bit better.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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