Understanding Dent Removal at Auto Body Repair Shops in Richmond, VA


No vehicle owner wants to have a dent in their vehicle. Whether it is the result of a collision or a severe hail storm, auto body repair shops in Richmond, VA, are used to seeing dent removal requests. These three tips offer clues about dent removal that vehicle owners should keep in mind when visiting an auto body repair shop.

Is Paintless Dent Removal Possible?

Paintless dent removal allows auto body repair shops in Richmond, VA, to remove a dent without touching the paint. No chemicals will be applied to the vehicle. This type of dent removal is often more affordable than other types of dent removal. But if the paint on the vehicle has been damaged in any way, the vehicle owner will likely want to have a dent removal package that includes fixing the paint.

What Will Determine the Price of Dent Removal?

Two primary factors will go into deciding the price of the dent removal. The first factor is whether or not the paint has been damaged. Secondly, the size of the dent in the vehicle will be important in determining the cost of the repair. A dent the size of a dime will be cheaper to repair than a dent the size of a coffee cup.

How Long Will it Take to Repair a Dent?

Dent removal time will primarily depend upon where the dent is on the vehicle. Certain panels on a vehicle simply require more time to remove. If a dent is near the edge of a panel, removal time may also be extended.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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