Durable Aluminum Slatwall – Uses and Types


Aluminum Slatwall is a great tool for commercial and private displays. It can be used to organize tools or any number of products, making it an ideal presentation material. Not only is it durable and versatile, it offers some decorating features, making it the perfect item to modernize or retrofit any space.

Why Use Aluminum Slatwall?
Aluminum is one of the most cost effect building and construction materials. As it is both ductile and hard-wearing, so it can be easily cut to maintain, support, and protect a particular space, such as wood panels that need to hold heavy items.

But aluminum slatwall doesn’t only need to be used for product displays or organizing tools. Since you can hang items on it using hooks or other support methods, it can be used to hold and organize virtually anything you want.

These slatwall systems are versatile not only in function but form. They can be stackable, for those displays that need to be layered on top of each other. Or they can be used as inserts, supporting and protecting wood or other display panels that are already pre-existing. Or you can choose to purchase Slatwall panels to be used on their own. With a range of types available, Slatwall made from aluminum can fit into any display or construction project.

While we often think of aluminum as dull gray or bright silver in color, it can come in custom anodized colors. Additionally, there are any number of finishes that can be applied to aluminum, such as satin, Brite Dip, and burnish. This means that Slatwall made from aluminum can be customized to fit into any number of design spaces. With your chosen color and finish, they can provide a specialized style to your displays.

Talk to an Expert
If you’re unsure of what type that’s necessary for your needs or have special requirements, consider speaking to an aluminum moulding professional. An expert will be able to help you decide on the type of slatwall that fits your needs or budget, or engineer the correct type for your design needs and specifications.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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