Making Life Easier With Panel-Clips


In the construction or renovation business, there are several different products which can be used to make even the most difficult projects a lot easier. The use of a different kinds of panel-clips to attach large items to a wall, or to attach wall panels, signs or partitions to a flat vertical service is one such option.

These clips can be used in industrial applications, to construct large wall secured storage or even for smaller projects in residential renovations or construction. Since they are easy to put on and off and limit the damage to walls, they are ideal when reconfigurations or changes to the panels or other items may be considered in the future.

The Z-Clip

There are several different types of panel-clips to consider. The most popular option is known as the Z panel clip, and it is named after the shape of the profile of this part. When viewed in cross-section there is a definite Z shape, which can be more or less pronounced depending on your needs.
The aluminum Z panel-clips typically come with holes in place in the bottom section of the clip, all ready to use with the fastener of your choice. The stand off or lift off of the clip is the space where the panel will be lifted over resting and the projection is the distance out from the wall the panel needs to sit.

It is important to choose carefully the aluminum Z panel-clips based on size and weight bearing ability. The size will always be dependent on the panel, sign or object being attached to the wall via the clip.

Since these clips are hidden from view, they create a very streamlined installation. It looks neat while providing a high level of security as the two components lock together with that Z interlocking shape.

Options to Consider

Besides the size and weight bearing ability of Z panel-clips, there are other factors to consider as well. Some designs of clips have a smooth finish on both the upper and lower section of the clip while others have a ridged bottom section of the clip.

While most companies offering aluminum Z panel-clips provide a good selection of regular stock inventory for most needs, there is also the option to have custom made clips if necessary. It is also possible to request specific settings between the pre-drilled fastener holes on the clips, making your work on the job site even easier.

At , we have an excellent in-stock selection of standard sizes of Z panel-clips for any project. We can also provide custom extrusions if needed with very short lead time. To learn more see us at.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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