Tubing Connectors: The Many Options Available


Aluminum framing tubes have a wide variety of applications. Everything from simple structures, such as retail display signs and shelving units, to more complex structures such as wall dividers, server farms and machine guards, can be created using aluminum tubing – and that’s just a small sampling. And just as critical to the success of a structure as the quality of the tubing is the quality of the connectors holding everything together.

Not only are high-quality tubing connectors available, but they also allow for more versatility than ever thanks to the use of molded nylon in their production. These connectors can make nearly any designs a reality.

How Nylon Connectors are Used
There’s no end to the ways in which these nylon tubing connectors can be used since there are so many variations on the basic design. For example, there are 2 way, 3 way, 4 way and 5 way 90-degree connectors. There are 2-way straight, 3-way tee and 4-way cross variations. There are even 2-way adjustable connectors that allow tubes to be connected at virtually any angle – after all, not every tubing structure will be full of 90-degree corners.

Speed and Ease of Assembly
Not only do nylon connectors allow for a huge variety of designs to be assembled, but they also make it easier to assemble a sturdy structure with less time and effort. After all, let’s say you’re at a trade show and are trying to put together your booth. Would it be convenient to carry bulky tools around with you and use them during assembly – then use them again when it comes time to disassemble? Wouldn’t it be much easier to assemble a frame quickly using these tubing connectors, then turn your attention to getting your business noticed? This is just one example of how ease of use allows time and attention to be placed where they belong.

The wide range of tubing connectors currently being manufactured means that the possibilities are extensive when it comes to assembling displays, sign frames, exhibits, shelving and more. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your structure is sound by doing business with a supplier you know and trust to provide only the highest quality, most durable nylon connectors available.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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