Danlee Medical Products, Inc. Heart Monitor


Since 1994, the authorized dealer, Danlee Medical Products, Inc., has been distributing various medical supplies, including all those for cardiology. This dealer offers a selection of medical supplies that are comprehensive. It also offers a large variety of medical supplies online, specializing in equipment that is relevant to cardiology testing, such as routine EKG, stress testing, echo/ultrasound, vital sign monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and more.

One of the medical devices that Danlee Medical Products supplies are the Cardiac Holter monitor. This is designed to obtain comprehensive and clear ECG tracing during Holter and Extended Holter studies. This monitor is a portable electrocardiography device that a patient wears. It monitors the cardiovascular system for a minimum of 24 to 72 hours. Frequently it can monitor for up to two weeks.

The Cardiac Holter monitor is used to study the heart in a manner much like standard electrocardiography. This small device records the heart’s electrical signals by means of a number of electrodes that are attached to a patient’s chest. These electrodes are placed over the patient’s bones in order to minimize artifacts coming from muscular activity. While the position of electrodes and their number varies in different models, most Holter monitors use between three and eight. A small piece of equipment is worn around a patient’s neck, or it is connected to a patient’s belt. In this way, a log of the electrical activity of the heart is recorded throughout the period of recording. Then, when the patient returns the device, the stored data can be read.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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