What To Expect When Roofing Contractors In Longmont CO Inspect Your Roof


It is recommended that every homeowner have a roof 12 years or younger inspected twice a year and have a roof over twelve years old inspected annually. However, many homeowners have never had their roof inspected, and as such, are not sure what to expect when contractors inspect their roof.

Here is what you can expect when having your roof inspected by roofing contractors in Longmont CO.

Walking Around the Roof on the Ground:

One of the first things that roofing contractors will do when inspecting a roof is to inspect the roof from the ground. While you can’t see all damage to a roof from the ground, it is easier to spot certain types of problems, such as discoloration and large patches of damaged shingles. Walking around and looking up at the roof can cue a contractor in to the areas they want to focus on when they get on the roof.

Walking Over the Roof:

After walking around the roof on the ground, roofing companies will climb onto the roof and walk over the roof. As they walk over the roof, they will look for signs of missing and damaged roofing materials, look for signs of leaks and look at the areas that they saw damage from the ground. If they notice minor issues, such as a missing shingle here and there, they may make the repairs on the spot, but if more repair is needed, they may need to schedule a repair appointment with you.

Inspecting Your Attic:

The last thing that roofing contractors will do when doing a roof inspection is to inspect your attic. If there is a leak, it will show in the attic. When you look at the ceiling in an unfinished basement, you are staring at the underside of your roof. If there is water leaking through the roof, water spots will be visible.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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