Benefits Assistance from a Workers Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County, NY

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Attorneys, Workers' Compensation

Most states have a worker’s compensation system in place, and through it, an employee hurt on the job can get certain benefits that are explained in detail below.

Medical care: An injured worker has the legal right to get treatment to relieve or cure the effects of their workplace injury. Worker’s compensation pays for prescription medications, medical bills and even trips to the doctor’s office. Under certain plans, patients may have to visit a certain doctor, but only for a limited time. After that time, a patient can choose their own doctor, but may have to request it in writing.

Temporary disability: If an injured employee has to take time off of work for injury-related medical reasons, they may be able to receive temporary disability payments. These payments are intended to partially compensate the employee for lost wages; there are limitations, but the average is about 2/3 of the employee’s weekly gross. After the employee’s inability to work is medically verified, the first check can arrive within weeks.

Permanent disability: If a worker will not recover from an injury, they may be able to win an award for the disability. With a permanent disability, the worker cannot effectively compete in an open labor marketplace. The award amount depends on the extent of the limitation on the worker’s ability to hold a job. Other factors are occupation, earnings and age. Your Workers Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County, NY can advise you on getting permanent disability benefits.

Vocational rehab: If an injury keeps a worker from returning to their former position, vocational rehabilitation may be included in a benefits package. During rehab, the worker may receive partial wage compensation, and the offer can be replaced by the worker being given a different position within the company.

Returning to Work After an Injury

When an employee goes back to work after an injury, their worker’s comp benefits are stopped if their wages are the same or greater. However, if the employee is still losing pay, they can continue to receive benefits. If there is any change in a worker’s status while they receive worker’s compensation benefits, the employer and the insurer should be immediately notified. If the worker does not do so, their ability to receive benefits may be adversely affected.


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